Saturday, April 27, 2013

Seven Dwarves Dating Service

So, it looks like out dear, sweet Snow White, Anonymiss is out looking for a man, if her Rummage Sale post is any indication.

So, I thought we might set up a contest in which the prize is not a date with Annonymiss, but the opportunity for Anonymiss to tell everyone what she's looking for.

Therefore, I challenge her to dome up with new lyrics for the following song to tell us what she's looking for in a guy: "Girl Hunt" by the Dead Milkmen.

She can even rename her new lyrics "Guy Hunt," if she likes, or, if she likes a specific name, she could use that:: "Bob Hunt," or "John Hunt," or even "Harvey Hunt." Any will do. Except Mike. No Mikes allowed.

And then, when she has given us a response, you can write your own lyrics to any tune you wish (KEEP IT CLEAN!) telling us of your own qualifications.

No prize for the contest, but if you catch her eye and make a favorable impression, she might bake you a batch of her delicious cookies.


  1. Lyrics:

    1. They are also available under the "video" on youtube:

      Are you going to make a submission?

  2. This is a REALLY long song. :)

    Apparently I will have to extend my list of requirements....:P