Thursday, April 25, 2013

Earth to Janet

Yesterday (Apr 24)  a US District Court judge informed Janet Napolitano that there is this thing called a Constitution, and (hello? Janet?) it applies to her.  (See here and here)   I'd like to think that this would result in some sort of legal situation for DHS that would force their compliance, but I fear we may be in a place now where they will just tell the courts to stuff it, and they'll be allowed to get away with it.  Nobody is standing up to this administration, and if they are actually allowed to apply the rule of law only when they choose to, then is not the constitution already dead?  Ms Napolitano has said that she will look into the matter. There is also a rumor that the laws of gravity and thermodynamics apply to her as well.  Maybe she could have a looksee at that also. It will be interesting to see how/if Judge Reed O'Connor reacts when nothing changes.  


  1. Poor Newbie! I think you got up too early or something. Would a cookie make you feel better?

    I agree with you, btw.

    They're acting like tyrants in the greatest country in the world. And no one is stopping them. It sure is a good thing they have not yet confiscated our cookies.

  2. they can have my cookies when they pry them from my....yadda yadda yadda....yeah I just need a little coffee here.....

  3. People nowadays see the Constitution as bunch of old writing that has no real effect on their day to day lives. Which is their right I guess. Which right is guaranteed by the Constitution. Hmm. Irony thy name is liberalism.

    We need to start teaching the younguns that the Constitution is a contract between the federal government and the states and the people, and every time the politicians breech that contract without repercussions makes future breeches more likely.

  4. The Judge told DHS to quit ignoring the law.

    So now the DHS ignores the Judge.

  5. "...laws of gravity and thermodynamics..."