Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great Moments In Republican Greed

Anyone care to guess which money-grubbing, Republican greed-head Corporate Fat Cat is now cutting hours to avoid the necessity of providing healthcare to their part-time workers?

This is a good one:

That's right: It's my Alma Mater, Kent State University. And not just them: Colleges and Universities all over are cutting back the hours that instructors can teach in order to avoid getting stuck with the healthcare tab.

I know the link doesn't specifically mention Kent State as one of those cutting, but I have it on pretty good authority: The wife of one of my coworkers is an instructor, and her hours are being cut, and the explanation being given is Obamacare. From what I hear, one of her co-instructors is a single mother now being forced out, as she can't afford to subsist\on the lessened schedule.

But, you know, Republican War on Women. Or something.

Who ever could have seen this coming? I mean, other than pretty much every Republican in Congress and pretty much anyone who paid any attention to what was going on, NO ONE, that's who!

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