Monday, April 29, 2013

Humor, Reality

Sometimes my sense of humor fails me completely.  Here's an article by Maureen Scott that sums up Mr Obama's concept of leadership perfectly, and there's simply nothing funny about any of it.  Before the 2008 election he was trumpeted by the MSM as "The Great Uniter," but everything he has said and done since then has exposed that for the lie that it was, and even now, the left continues their self deception.  Wise people remind us that if we lose our sense of humor, we're toast.  Humor, in the face of this reality, can be metaphorically thought of as a shield.  To extend that metaphor, it's ok to carry around a shield, as long as we remember that in the other hand, we have a sword, but we have to be willing and able to use both.  So, somebody help me out here.  There must be some humorous way to look at this.  About the best I can come up with in the way of humor is a mental image of Mr Obama addressing the nation, admitting that he is the worst, most self destructive thing that Americans have ever done to ourselves, then giving himself a wedgie, then, in a high falsetto, resigning in disgrace. 


  1. I always picture him making his butt talk a la Ace Ventura. It doesn't make what he's saying any less painful, but at least I can get a chuckle out of it.

  2. As for finding humor, I feel your pain. The first thing that comes to mind is someone splashing water on him, followed by "I'm melting I'm melting..." That would work better if Mooshelle joined him. Secondly, I'm thinking of a shot of Bobby Ewing in the shower and all of this was a season-long bad dream, but who would be in the shower? (Many Republican Prez candidates comes to mind, or Alex Jones, but I would prefer it be Ann Coulter for some reason.)