Monday, April 1, 2013

Not much to say today, but I’ll take my time not saying it…

A man who arms himself, and dies an old man having never needed to fire a shot in anger or defense, will not on his deathbed consider those purchases a waste.  A woman will feel the same way, although she’ll likely second-guess her choice of color scheme.


The Second Amendment: If you have it, you will likely never need it - if you don't have it, you assuredly will.


In the movie “Prometheus” when Meredith (pronounced “Charlize”) is running in full panic mode in the worst possible direction to get out from under the ship that’s about to crush her, wouldn’t it have made more cinematic sense for her to run in the perpendicular direction that everyone in the audience knew she should have, and if she simply HAD to die, then have the ship be so gigantic she just still couldn’t make it? 

That would have added to the suspense – Will she get far enough out of the way so that the ship crashes down behind her? Will they succumb to throwing in the tried and true “girl trips while running” trope? 

Instead, the poor running bundle of unresolved daddy issues is doomed to a future of DVD/Blueray playbacks wherein when she breaks into her final sprint even the family dog – looking up from scratching himself – will glance at the TV thinking the dog equivalent of “nope – she’s not going to make it”, and go on about his business.


When you’re feeling relentlessly down – especially these days – remember:  You’re probably not depressed. You’re unhappy.

By which I mean “angry”.

Good! You have reason to be. 

A key symptom of true clinical depression is when the future seems bleak, hopeless, and black (that’s not a racial statement – don’t go there), but you don’t have a reason for feeling that way. Most of the time, people actually have a reason for feeling that way, and historically a good chunk of the time the reason is because they’re miserable screw-ups in life. 

To broadly paraphrase Theodore Dalrymple, if you don’t want to continue being a miserable screw-up, stop being a screw-up and you’ll stop being miserable. 

But nowadays, Obama and his cronies are such titanic screw-ups that they’re depressing everything!  The economy, the value of the dollar, employment levels, personal initiative, air pressure (? – why not? They blame the Right for such things – might as well throw that in...).

So when you contemplate our country’s future, and you feel “so depressed”, DON’T fall for it! Don’t give into the PC rhetoric. You are NOT depressed; you’re angry! Embrace it, and let it motivate you. 

Don’t know what to do about it? Join the club!  Neither do we! At least not entirely… but we do know that “nothing” is the wrong answer.


Reading Zero Hedge depresses me.

WAIT! Sorry, I meant to say “ANGERS” me. 

Not at them, of course, they’re just the messenger… But seriously – I’ve got enough justifiable, righteous anger already. Need I more?

Can’t we just form a star chamber, elect Tyler Durden as head judge and executioner, and get on with sending out the hired guns? 

We can’t?  Conservatives don’t do such things? 

Darn it... Hmmm...

Well, can we make a movie with that as the general mise en scene? Can we do it without resorting to French terminology? Throw me a bone here please! And I'll need back-end participation... (Note to the "family friendly" watchdogs: that's an industry term, not scatological slang).


I’m having difficulty making the switch from Google to Bing.  I’m doing it – I’m trying – because, well, bleep! Google.  But there’s the whole “a plague a’ both your houses” thing going on (I usually say “pox”, but I’m not a scholar..., still – I do ‘fact checking’ better than WAPO, so there’s that...).


To jump back to Theodore Dalrymple for a moment, make certain that you READ HIS WHOLE ARTICLE, because it is far better than anything I’ve ever written.

There has been an unholy alliance between those on the Left, who believe that man is endowed with rights but no duties, and libertarians on the Right, who believe that consumer choice is the answer to all social questions, an idea eagerly adopted by the Left in precisely those areas where it does not apply. Thus people have a right to bring forth children any way they like, and the children, of course, have the right not to be deprived of anything, at least anything material. How men and women associate and have children is merely a matter of consumer choice, of no more moral consequence than the choice between dark and milk chocolate, and the state must not discriminate among different forms of association and child rearing, even if such non-discrimination has the same effect as British and French neutrality during the Spanish Civil War.


  1. Perhaps a little more random than usual :P (are you channeling walkingdead?) but still beautiful.

    So glad to have you back, Hunter! :)

  2. Btw, THAT was "NOT MUCH"??? :P

    We are not "depressed", we are "unhappy". His article got me thinking. Not sure I agree it's as good as yours, but it was powerful.