Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nuke the Punchline: Pointless

Harvey over at IMAO has another straight line of the day up, and so it is time to pick the winners of the last one:

Pointing out reality to an Obama voter is...

#5 zipity: going to a Jim Carrey movie for intellectual stimulation.

#4 Genghis Khen: ...going to get you labeled a racist.

#3 Son of Bob: giving chocolate to a dog. It’s a waste of chocolate, and it’s just going to make them sick anyway.

#2 Bob B: pointing out an open receiver to Donovan McNabb – they never seem to make the connection.

And the best line goes to Rodney Dill:

Pointing out reality to an Obama voter is like a positive attitude… it won’t solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

Congratulation Rodney.


The best punchline for the last Nuking Politics straight line was from Dohtimes:

Now that Saudi Arabia will allow women to ride bikes...the stone throwers will have to aim higher.

Congratulations Dohtimes.


Now here's a line for you guys:

To combat the growing child hunger problem, Michelle Obama...


  1. ...took a day off from blathering about the child obesity problem.

    ...made Barry promise to put a chicken in every blunt.

    ...shot Chris Christie.

  2. ...uh, didn't we already mention death panels?

  3. ...a vigorous competition process involving games like Musical Spikes, and Hide and go Kill.

  4. ...will provide free obamaphones.

  5. ...has decided to let them eat cake.

  6. ...announced subsidies for farms to raise more, so anyone who hungers for a child can get one fairly cheaply.

  7. ... will eat more hungry children (with apologies to Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal").

  8. ...said, "There is no cake, there is no ice cream... Happy Birthday."

  9. ...will join weight watchers and begin assigning points to those children she wants to eat

    ...will begin releasing the "food stores" she has been hiding in the caboose

    ...will rub her hands together, hunch over and say "excellent" in a very Mr Burns like way

    ...will declare success to her healthy lunch program and go on vacation

  10. said, "Eat recycled food, it's good for the environment and Okay for you."

  11. ...will hand out nude pictures of herself, thereby curbing appetite.