Tuesday, April 2, 2013

GTT Kickstart!

Our buddy Walkingdead has house problems in Michigan, the nature of which I do not know and are none of my business until he says otherwise.

However, A) they’re preventing him from moving to Texas, which is a crying shame, and B) outside of immediate-family-relationship issues, there are few problems in this world which can’t be solved – or at least greatly assisted – by a raw influx of money.

We Conservatives talk a good game about helping others, without any need of governmental assistance.  Heck – we don’t just talk a good game, we live up to it too!  So here’s what I’m proposing, and I’ll kick in the first $100 if we actually get this off the ground:

GTT, as in “Going To Texas”.

Kickstart, as in it would be a kickstarter project.

It’s a Documentary.  

It’s a Reality TV Series.  

It’s an album of original music.   

It’s a coffee table book (in HD PDF form).

It’s a resounding affirmation of the Mystical Mobile Male!  

It’s a solemn entreaty to the pyrogedhel* to stay the heck away! (unless or until needed, of course)

It’s about Freedom, it’s about a Fresh Start, it’s about Deliverance (but will not star Ned Beatty or Burt Reynolds).

It's a Refutation of the lies told about Texas! 

It's a Rebuttal to those environmentalist infiltrators who apparently think the Cub Scouts from Marfa are too stupid to put their sweatshirts on correctly. Nice graphic work and way to insult the kids, morons!

It’s about getting Walkingdead the heck out of Mordor Michigan, and down to Texas where all right-thinking individuals are more than welcome.

It's a travelogue extravaganza! I mean seriously, have you SEEN what lies between there and here?

It's about going to where the JOBS are!

Sure, North Dakota and Utah have had a better job growth rate recently, and good for them! But have you checked out their climate?  

Here's what we'll do:

We'll pick a funding level (by which I mean HE picks a funding level) based upon a realistic budget and timeframe, and which satisfies whatever his current financial needs are that are keeping him in bondage.

We'll make full use of Social Media, Conservative-style.  

We'll proudly ask IMAO for help drumming up support, as well as the Instapundit and everyone else on the associated blogrolls. We hit Twitter often, and ask our followers to retweet the message “help set Walkingdead free!” (We may have to rebrand a bit to avoid a nasty copyright suit).

We'll keep the cameras running.

All who support Walkingdead will triumph in his victory and bask in the reflected limelight.   

The kickstarter support level rewards could be items like “overcome mementos” symbolic of his former indenture (and here I’m thinking autographed bricks** at the basic entry level).

Oh, and I’ve got a box full of not-brand-new-but-nevertheless-digital cameras I’d be happy to donate. They’re actually in the way right now - you’d be doing me a favor.

So what say you?   

Shall we do this?  Please share with us your thoughts in the comments!

Oh, and one last thing to consider:

*The elusive “arson fairies” (their real name is currently unGoogleable - that's power!)
**Obviously I’m assuming a building material here that might not be relevant


  1. we all have to do our part to make sure Texas doesn't become a purple state.

    also, I love the toast named after this illustrious state.

  2. I'm looking forward to getting some feedback, and if it looks doable, we'll kickoff the kickstarter project pronto!

  3. Sounds like an absolute blast! Best of luck to you all!

  4. Get it moving already...i want to donate, but nothings in place :)

  5. You ought to do an NP project to move ALL the co-bloggers to Texas. I certainly wouldn't mind! Not sure what I'm doing in Ohio at this point anyway...

    1. HEAR HEAR! I was trying to figure out how to ask if I could get in on the deal. I'll bake cookies for all the bake sales. (We'll need bake sales, won't we?)

  6. We haven't nailed the budget yet, so why not? I think that's certainly possible, if unlikely (just given the nature of human, uh, nature).

    All NP staff would be welcome, of course. Who could possibly gainsay us?

    Sidebar: Once you get here, I'll happily and freely teach Aquaponics to any of you who might care to learn, but that's completely another topic and I hope well outside the scope of "GTT Kickstart!".