Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We're Number One. Everyone Else is Number Two or Lower

Bacon cookies to the first person who can guess which state is number one in all of these categories. 
·         Highest taxes (gasoline, sales and top bracket of income taxes)
·         Lowest bond rating
·         Highest poverty rate (at 23.5%, the home of 1/3 of those in poverty in U.S.)
·         Highest unemployment rate (tied with Mississippi and Nevada at 9.6%)
·         Highest energy costs
·         Worst state to do business (as judged by Chief Executive magazine 8 years running)
·         Most cities going bankrupt
·         Prison system so poorly run it has been taken over by a federal judge
·         Just voted to prohibit fracking for oil and natural gas despite having the largest shale deposits in the country and observing the prosperity fracking has brought to North Dakota, Texas and Pennsylvania.
The answer is at this link. Do you think it could have anything to do with how they have been governed?


  1. So I'm guessing California.

    Because I'm brilliant. And I really really wanna taste your bacon chocolate chip cookies with maple glaze. Oh, and you better throw in some chocolate covered cinnamon bears for good measure. I've been LONGING for them :P

  2. Trina, Trina, Trina, you know that nuking politics and it's staff are disquailified from competing in any promotions such as this. Don't blame me. I'm pretty sure it is the law. Probably passed by Democrats.

    1. For someone who calls me by my real name...repeatedly...when I'm supposed to be Anonymiss...you're a funny one to remind me of the pretend rules :)

      I saw no fine print. Anywhere. I win. I want my delicious COOKIES.

    2. Like my Da always said, get used to wanting.

    3. Oh I am used to wanting.

      I just don't like it. And I fight fight FIGHT for what I want.

      So GIVE 'EM UP!!!!!! (or do I have to come and take them?)

  3. I don't have to guess. I know. I live here, where the self-centeredness is so great, NASA is studying it as a gravitational anomaly.

    1. That's why the Utah winds have been blowing west. And I had thought it was global climate change.