Monday, May 13, 2013

A Math Lesson From Nancy

I posted this yesterday, (May 12),  but then I took it down because it was Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day, Mrs. Pelosi. Your ideology and your political tactics scare me to death, but some things are sacred.  I hope you enjoyed the day with your children, and I imagine Hillary did also.  But today is Monday, May 13, and it's on.

Here's part of Nancy's comments yesterday regarding Benghazi...

"The obsession that some of my Republican colleagues have in the House doesn't look like it's on the path to really finding a solution, but just to keeping an issue alive"

Here's what I imagine she would like to say if she thought she could get away with it:
"Know what doodly squat means people? It's the square root of zero. Zero. As in how much we care about the people who got murdered at Benghazi. Zero, as in how much truth you're ever going to get out of us voluntarily about the matter, or about anything else. As in how much it matters to us how much harm we do this country, as long as we remain in control of it.   As in our chances of staying out of prison if our pals in the MSM didn't do such a good job of covering for us.   As in the approximate number of people left in the middle class when we're done with the economy. As in the number of guns we think you're entitled to own, how much we care what your kids learn in school, and how much of what you earn actually belongs to you. Zero. Am I getting through to you, people?"
As far as we know, Nancy Pelosi had nothing to do with Benghazi.  But she supports the people who did, and she is doing what she can to assist the coverup.  If you add up all the basic human decency and leadership ability of all these people, and multiply it times the amount of respect they have for the people of this country and it's constitution, you get....Zero.

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