Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bob Finally Gets It...

Bob sits quietly in the dark,  staring at his hands.  It's two AM, and his wife isn't home. The kids are sleeping, and he's lost in his pain, deep in thought.  The sadness feels like a physical,  suffocating thing, and he has finally come to accept the obvious truth: this marriage is over.  The constant deceit, the drugs, the total neglect of their two children who couldn't understand why Mom was never home, the sudden appearance of a huge dragon tattoo on her neck, it all finally had brought him to the inescapable reality:  the marriage was over.

How did things manage to come to this?  What had he done to cause this change in the woman he had committed his life to?  How could he explain this to his children?  He tried to distract himself with the TV, and a headline caught his eye: 
It felt as if a weight was taken off his back.  He had a sensation he hadn't felt in a long time.  It felt like…peace.  Of course…how could he have misunderstood so completely.  Obamacare was going to save his marriage.  This was what President Obama had meant by "Hope and Change".  Things were going to be OK after all, Obamacare would see to that.  He had misjudged Obama and his intentions entirely.  It could only be because of his exposure to those ridiculous conservatives and their paranoid notions.  He sat up, and realized that he felt better than he had felt in a long time.  Suppressing an odd, overwhelming desire for a nice, tall glass of Kool Aid, he walked down the hall, and looked in on his children.  They were sleeping peacefully, and he finally understood that, yes, everything would be all right.  All he had to do was simply trust Obama.  He went to bed, and fell into a deep sleep.  He had no idea where his wife was, but he knew that, whatever she was doing, Obamacare would fix it all.  Outside the sky in the east started to lighten.  A new day was coming…. 

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  1. Yes, ObamaCare will preserve marriages, much like Dr. Kermit Gosnell preserved babies' feet.

    What lovely thoughts from me today.