Monday, May 20, 2013

Everybody Ought to Have a Joe

Read a story the other day about how a wealthy Manhattan family would hire a handicapped person to take to Disney World with them so they could cut to the front of the line.  It suddenly became clear to me why Obama chose Biden as a running mate.  There are all sorts of advantages to having a mentally handicapped fellow on the team.  Like these:

·         The Presidential cavalcade can now use the handicapped parking zones.

·         The Obama’s no longer have to troll the inner city for mentally deficient vagrants to put in the stocks for ridicule during their traditional Quasimodo Mondays.

·         Biden is unlikely to notice that Bo is subtly different every week or so.

·         He is always willing to trade his disability and social security checks for a shiny nickel.

·         Sasha has a cartoon buddy.

·         While his brain don’t work so good, all the rest of his organs are easily transferrable.

·         When Palin comes to visit, Trig will have someone to play with.

·         It’s good to have someone around that Barack can occasionally beat at Old Maid.

·         Barney Frank now has someone in the administration that will voluntarily sit on his knee.

·         Barack has a ready scape goat for his IBS and scatological aromas.

·         It’s nice to have someone in the administration who is always willing to go to bat for Amtrak and light rail.  Biden likes choo-choos.

·         For tax purposes, they can claim Joe as a dependent, and he is none the wiser.

·         He doesn’t mind putting either or both feet in his mouth whenever necessary. 

·         He can be an incredibly passionate advocate for abortion because he truly believes you are only harming storks and cabbages.
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  1. This one's a little too strong for my taste. You snot.