Friday, May 17, 2013

Something I Didn't Need To See...

The picture shown below is one of the most appalling things I have ever seen.  It shows  a level of hubris and contempt that I find hard to believe.  Those aren't house servants, Mr Obama, they are United States Marines.

They took an oath to protect and defend this country and it's constitution, at the cost of their own lives if necessary.  That represents a commitment to something bigger than themselves that I don't believe Mr Obama would understand even if someone explained it to him. 

Mr Obama neither understands nor respects this commitment.  I believe he sees it rather as a weakness to be exploited.  

This isn't the greatest country in history by accident, Mr Obama, the reason why that's so is because of the selflessness of the people like those two Marines in the picture.  If Mr Obama had any clues about leadership or humility, or any concern for the stewardship of this nation, this picture wouldn't exist.  It wouldn't be necessary for him to hold the umbrella for them, it would suffice if he simply understood things like honor and respect.

Mr Obama has consistently done things that harm this country, and he lies to us all about it daily.  It it weren't for people like these Marines, Mr Obama, the country you're so busy trying to "change" wouldn't exist.  And you'd be lying to us in German.

In Mr. Obama's mind there is nothing greater than himself, and that cluelessness is the thing that will undo him.


  1. MSM - are you listening?

  2. Syndicate Springeraz!

  3. You forgot his immortal line when he was asking for this: "They'll look good next to us."

    When Obama calls on the people who serve, they step up, no matter how menial the task.

    When the people who serve call on Obama, he takes a nap.

  4. The only stand orders that weasel will give is at the umbrella stand.

  5. In Obama's defense, the last time he handled an umbrella, the result was... less than optimal...

    I can sorta understand why he'd be inclined to hand the job off to his betters.