Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This Land is Their Land

I started looking into that new immigration bill the Democrats and Marco Rubio are putting together, and I don’t think it is really as advertised.  I found some rather interesting provisions that they seem to be keeping hush hush about.  Provisions like these:
·         A provision requires putting legal aliens in a melting pot until tender.
·         The citizenship test for those requesting amnesty include sections on bomb making and the fundamentals of Sharia Law.
·         The Fast and Furious program will be expanded to provide guns to Mexican American drug dealers.
·         Amnesty comes with free registration in the union of your choice.
·         ACORN will be in charge of organizing communities and voter registration for all new immigrants.
·         Regarding voter registration for new citizens, proof of life is optional.
·         Texas and all its proceeds will now be a fully owned subsidiary of Tijuana.
·         A new, less offensive National Anthem will be composed and performed by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J.
·         New labor laws will include a mandated daily paid siesta.
·         All illegal aliens, regardless of ethnicity, will be given a $500,000 settlement as reparations for the Mexican-American War.
·         Amnesty will not be considered for undocumented French Canadians.  Into the melting pot with them.
·         The bill establishes a separate, lower minimum wage for landscaping and housekeeping jobs.
·         Maybe it’s an error, but the sketch of the proposed border wall, drawn on a paper napkin, indicates that the wall will be 16” tall. 
·         Amnesty comes with a get out of jail free card redeemable at the federal or state correctional facility of your choice.
·         Lastly, cock fighting is finally legal.

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