Saturday, May 25, 2013

Your Liver: Don't Get Attached To It

In light of the ongoing revelations about the IRS treatment of conservative organizations, and the contempt they display at the notion that they should be called to account for it, we should not reasonably expect them to handle the administration of Obamacare any differently.  I won't be surprised to see something like this in the future:

From: Minister of Conservative Body Organ Management:   "...all persons designated conservative shall obtain organ donor cards.  Cards will be preprinted with various organs as determined by Dept of HHS  (issuing agency).  These organs will be deemed to be volunteered by card holder.   Card holder will surrender listed organs as needed, on demand, by any government personnel carrying clipboards and large knives.  Failure to comply will constitute a Class I felony, (DOJ statutes 2011-2388c inclusive) and EXORD 45099376d  (Bogarting Body Parts, Forbidden).  For reference, see Govt pamphlet 303029.1 entitled "Your Liver  - You Didn't Grow That"....This program will be administered by the IRS with all the integrity and unbiased treatment we have come to expect from these public servants.

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