Friday, May 24, 2013

One Year of Nuking Politics

Today marks the first anniversary of Nuking Politics. Although I didn't write my first real post until June 2nd, a year ago today I registered this site (Google charged me this morning for renewal) and designed the initial layout. I also made a simple hello world post I deleted a long time ago. The story goes something like this...

And in those first days, the Site was blank and without form. Keln saw this and said "Let there be a template!".  And since Keln can't make things happen just by saying them, he had to choose a template and colors and what not. Keln saw what he had done and thought it was good (when it actually sucked).

And then Keln saw that there were no posts and said "Let there be posts, about politics and satire and nuclear things and bacon".  And again, being disappointed by things not happening when he just spake them, Keln started typing and made the posts himself. Because back then, Keln had to do everything.

As the first days went by, Keln noticed the Site was not growing much and realized it needed people. Thus saith Keln "Let there be co-bloggers". But just saying that didn't work, as usual, so Keln settled for begging some crazy guy from Michigan to help write posts at the Site.

And as time passed, more people came to see what Keln had done, sent there by Harvey the Prophet (who isn't an actual prophet, he just calls himself that and wears a robe with a hood). And Keln added more people to help in his work such as Hunter, Lactose, Arik, Les, and Springeraz. And one day, Keln said "Let there be a woman", and when that didn't do anything he emailed Anonymiss and asked her to join the club. And Keln saw that adding all these people was good (and for once was right about that).

And when all of these things had been done, Keln looked and saw that his site had almost 185,000 views and 4400 comments, and was content. So Keln said "Thanks to all of you who have been reading my blog and have made it a success!"

Then he went and ate some bacon.

One year down...a lot more to go.


  1. Well, that's better than blaming Bush I guess. :) Congrats on the first year.

  2. I'm really sorry about that crazy guy from michigan... no one needs that.

  3. thank you for the year. remember that if something goes wrong, you can always blame harvey

  4. YAY for Nuking Politics!!!! Happy Birthday Cookies to us all!!!! :)

  5. Congratulations, and Thanks for giving us a place to spew our Anti-American venom!

    1. Silly Brashful. Not Anti-American! Anti-Current Leadership...but Pro-America. Incredibly Pro-America. :)

  6. I feel like I dodged a bullet somewhere in there, and for that I'm thankful!