Wednesday, June 26, 2013

IRS: "No Espeeky Engurish"

So today we have another IRS dirtbag who pled the 5th Amendment  to avoid answering questions asked by Congress about his activities as a Deputy Director.  His name is Greg Roseman.  He joins that other dirtbag, Lois Lerner in pleading the 5th, which is a tactic that seems to work, and no doubt there will be others who will do the same. 

It used to be that being a professional dirtbag was frowned upon by most people.  These days, especially in the current administration, it has become a wise career choice.   Once upon a time, if you were a dirtbag, sooner or later you got caught, got fired, lost your pension, possibly had to make reparations, your wife left you, and you wound up in jail with other dirtbags.  Where you possibly got your head busted.  At least some of the time back then, ethics was a topic that government bureaucrats spoke of without laughing out loud.  They even held seminars about ethics.  In the conference room, not at a Four Seasons Resort.  Now dirtbaggery, at least in the IRS,  is a line of endeavor that comes with an office, a staff, police authority, the opportunity to punish anyone you don't like politically, an open ended expense account, limo service, and a pension.

Thomas Sowell said:  "It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong."  

I was going to include a picture of this IRS guy, but this is a clean website, so instead here's a picture of somebody who deserves respect instead of a busted head:

Thomas Sowell


  1. one interesting thing about sowell is that he was a marxist in the decade of his 20s. in 1960 he was a summer intern at the Bureau of Labor. it was there that he became a free marketer. one of the few liberals to be swayed by the evidence. he was also in the USMC during korea.

  2. If Lois Lerner is supposed to be the example of honest and loyal government employees then I think it is time we require draining the swamp next time they hire someone to possibly get an individual of a little higher caliber.