Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dance, Sucka...

Yesterday Harvey at IMAO put up a piece called "And You Thought Obama Only Did the Beatles" about Obama singing a song called "Get Lucky" on some album by "Daft Punk", which I thought was about the best title I could imagine for an album featuring him.  Anyway, last night went to a function downtown, and got this picture of some guy trying to dance to it.  Turns out the guy in the picture is the same IRS guy who testified at the Congressional hearing yesterday, and later, when I asked him how come he fell down and looked so totally stupid, he just pleaded the 5th.

Seems like everybody in the IRS has been dancing to Obama's tune for the last few years, and when they get hauled in to Issa's hearings to testify about it, this is what they end up looking like....

And whatever else you do this weekend, stay off Harvey's lawn.

1 comment:

  1. I have heard the words "Pleading the 5th" so often coming from the mouths of IRS personnel over the past week I swear I have been mysteriously drawn to bottles of Jack Daniels like some carpet ape drawn to a a cherry sucker stuck to the floor.