Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jacob's First Blog

Hi.  My name is Jacob, and I'm three and a half.  Mom and Dad said I could spend this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.  It's fun to stay here, we do stuff and I play catch with Grandpa's dogs.  My Grandpa Springer said if I was good I could write a blog. 

Grandpa writes blogs all the time.  Sometimes he writes about politics.  Grandma said politics is about people who are in charge of stuff, and Grandpa said sometimes politicians do bad things, like they don't tell the truth, and that makes Grandpa sad.  There's this man, his name is Mr Obama, who Grandpa said is the President.  I watched him on TV once, and he said a bunch of stuff.  He sure talks a lot.  I could tell he was fibbing, but Grandpa says some people believe the stuff he says.  He said even grownups can be fooled when somebody tells a fib if it's something they really really want to believe.  Some grownups are funny like that.  I don't know why Grandpa watches Mr Obama when he makes speeches.  Sometimes he starts yelling and he throws stuff at the TV.  Yesterday he was watching Mr Obama, and then he started yelling, and his face got all purply, and he broke the TV.  He was yelling some bad words.  I asked Grandma what they meant, and she said I wasn't allowed to say those words.  Grandma gave him a time out, and then later he carried the TV out to the back yard, and put it on a big pile of other TVs.  They're all broken too.  Then we went downtown and Grandpa bought a new one.   When we got back, Grandma made me some cookies.  Grandpa said there's this nice lady that works at this website who makes cookies too, and that maybe she would send me some.

Last week at my school they had a toy gun buy-back event.  I took some of my old toy guns to school and they gave me money for them.  They were all broken and stuff.  So today when me and Grandpa went to buy a new TV, we stopped at the toy store, and Grandpa bought me a new toy rocket launcher with the money.  It's really neat.  Here's a picture.

I have to go now, Grandma says it's time for a nap.