Friday, June 14, 2013

Punishing His Enemies

In October, 2010, Obama promised he would "punish our enemies" after the mid term elections.  By enemies, he was not talking about people who were a threat to the nation he swore to protect, he was referring to anyone in this country who didn't side with him politically.  There didn't seem to be that much reaction to the fact that the man the nation had elected to lead us all considered half of us to be enemies.

He meant it literally, as we have seen with the treatment of conservative groups by the IRS and the DOJ.  When Obama didn't get his way on the sequester matter, he told us "the pain will be real", and, to make sure we all knew how evil the GOP was, proceeded to punish us all by shutting down WH tours, access to national parks, cuts to FEMA disaster relief funds, border patrol, and research programs, just to name a few.
He doesn't seem concerned about the hypocrisy of retaliating in this manner, while simultaneously planning a trip to Africa with his family that, according to the Washington Post, could end up costing taxpayers as much as $100 million.  This level of self indulgent squandering of this nation's resources has never been seen before in this country.  It exposes a level of contempt that has been seen before in history only by despots such as the House of Bourbon, whose self indulgence led to the French revolution, and by Nero, who bulldozed most of downtown Rome and turned it into his own personal gold plated Disneyland. 

The response of the people affected by those acts might be worth noting, if anybody in Washington was paying attention.  Obama's trip to Africa would be worth every penny if he would only, please God, just stay there. 


  1. his contempt has also been evident in the way that federal disaster relief has flowed to blue states and borderline states and not to red states.

    i continue to look for an answer as to how all this money that he spends on vacations is appropriated. the white house has a budget, congress controls it. why is the house allowing these obscene expenditures?

  2. The way it is all unfolding Obama and his thugs didn't wait until he was re-elected as the IRS were already going after groups like the Tea Party as early as 2009 or 2010... got some catching up to do on your Blogs whne I get home next week. Semper Fi