Sunday, July 14, 2013

Just Asking...

Janet Napolitano has made at least two trips to Brazil recently to look into ways that we can partner with Brazil to combat terrorism.  One report possibly indicated she was overseeing the placement of radio relay devices on roofs in Sao Paolo.

In another, possibly related incident, this headline appeared on Drudge Report July 14:

"Brazilian man dies after cow falls through his roof on top of him"

I'm not suggesting the two items are related, just asking is all.


  1. Justice for the sacred cow! (it suffered a graze during the incident)

    End bovine profiling!

    No justice, no cheese!

    A roof for every hoof!

    Napolitano, Neapolitan ice cream -- more than mere coincidence?

    If it happened in this country, there would be an immediate call for legislation to ban all roofing unable to support cows, or Homeland Security chiefs.

  2. a roof for every hoof! i like it.

    the roof went poof.

    poor dead guy arrived at the hospital with, it was thought, just a broken leg. he died while waiting to be seen.

    can you say obamacare?