Sunday, July 14, 2013

No Silly, You Can't Defend Yourself

I know a lot of people were probably watching this Zimmerman trial thingy. And kudos to the jury for finding him not guilty. I've sat on a jury a couple times. Both times, found the defendant not guilty. Once, it was all of the jury against me, but I argued it for not guilty. Because, like this case, there was no proof or evidence or anything unquestionable.

Sure, it's a great victory for our legal system that Zimmerman was found not guilty. But it's a small victory, because he was brought to trial in the first place. See, Florida has this "Stand Your Ground" law, which is little more than a law that says you have the right to defend yourself. But even with that law in place, saying you have a right to defend yourself...he still got brought to trial. Consider all that entails. Plus...there is this whole contingent of people who want him dead now. I mean, actual murderous types. Pots callin' the kettle black and such, but I digress.

The truth of the matter is this...leftists, with their racist labeling agenda to congregate people into groups that their "intellectual" (read: idiotic) overlords can assign fancy names to, have found ways to circumvent the Constitution and ignore the whole probable cause thing to create situations where a citizen, defending themselves, can be relabeled at a moment's notice in order to make an example of them. Gun control is easier, but this works too. You can have your guns...but we will make sure that if you use it to protect your life, we will drag you into a court room, regardless of the outcome.

Zimmerman is screwed from here on out. Sure, he might get a book deal...but probably a lot of death threats. Perhaps even get killed. All because of political shenanigans by the usual suspects.

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