Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obama's New Logo

It was leaked to the press this afternoon that the Obama Administration had recently commissioned several friendly artists to develop a new or modified Obama "O" Logo. 

They kept the selection process under wraps until a winner was selected, making certain this new logo didn't give the wrong message. 

Remember: the logo used for the 2012 Democratic Convention didn't go over very well because it looked like it represented Obama ushering delegates into the white-hot maw of a blast-furnace:

The top brass in the administration know that even though they cheated their way to victory, the convention logo was still a big "FAIL" image-wise.

They didn't want to repeat that error.

The artists were instructed to concentrate on the ways the Obama Administration has benefited our economy; how they've "turned the tide" in both the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.  They were told "focus on our advances - don't repeat the errors of the past!"

The winning group of artists* selected as best representing the progress of our technological prowess: the pneumatic mallet, and the combine harvester.

Here's the glorious victorious entry:

* the winning group of artists have requested anonymity