Friday, July 26, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Friday, July 26, 2013

• You've got to hand it to Matt Drudge this week. He has proven that he can out-14 yr old boy a 14 yr old boy when it comes to writing headlines about that Weiner guy.

  I mean, sure, we all snickered when we read them, but still..Outrage!

• Chris Christie says that Rand Paul is dangerous and also libertarianism in general. "Dangerous thought" I think he called it (1984?).

  Also dangerous...being within 5 feet of Chris Christie at any given time. You know, in case he were to trip and fall or something. There's no coming back from that.

• Sacre Bleu! It is no longer against the law in France to make fun of their President. Now they can enjoy the fun the rest of the world has all been having for centuries making fun of a French person.

• I know some people are getting all upset about Obama calling all of these scandals phony. But if you think about it...wouldn't the scandals of a phony president be phony scandals? Maybe that's all he meant.

• A small group of College Republicans weren't allowed to attend Obama's speech at the U of Central Missouri because they were deemed to be a security threat or something.

  You know those unruly college conservative types and their dangerous standing there and not being disruptive. Practically terrorists with their thinking minds and questioning gazes. Yeah, it's the questioning part that is a threat to the President.

• Carry on.


  1. We conservative NP types are pretty dangerous too. We wield our phormidable philosophies nixed with wicked we stare quietly at our screens and question. I can see why he's afraid of us. Maybe we won't be allowed to watch his next speech either. Darn.

    Btw, I love your Tactical Nukes, Keln. Have I said that? :)

  2. Chris Christie hates libertarians? Has anybody ever seen Chris Christie and Carpenter together?

    If you ever do get within 5 feet of Chris Christie, you are also dangerously close to his event horizon.