Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Battle of the Sexes - Illuminated

So I'm the only female around here. In fact, I'm the only ONE around here most of the time. But that's beside the point. Throughout history, there has been an ongoing battle of the sexes. Men and women are fundamentally different. We just are. We have different strengths and weaknesses, and we are meant to complement each other (I meant to spell it that way)...not be equivalent. I know. I know. Feminists hate me. I'm used to it.

I am a woman. I like to bake cookies and teach Zumba. I like to nurture children and flowers. I like to dress up and feel pretty. Yes. I am a woman.

I also love math. I used to like the beat the pants off of my male friends in tests and challenges in college. I was regularly called upon for tutoring from my fellow engineering students. Perhaps that is a bit unusual. I don't know. There were very few females in my classes. But, yes, I am a woman. I just happen to be one of the math loving variety. There seems to be a stereotype that women can't DO math....and some people think that makes us women lesser...somehow...Thankfully, lots has been done in past years to eradicate that idea.

But today I saw this:

And now I know why we have the stereotype. Thanks a lot, Chels.


  1. Okay, Chelsea has a problem in the math department, true. My guess is she has no future in electronics, orbital dynamics, or anything that has "engineering" anywhere in the title. But by far her biggest problem is that smug little puke sitting next to her.

  2. Prove the The Riemann hypothesis.

    Begin with the fact that you run the mile in about 9 minutes...

  3. Riemann zeta function

    Assume Chelsea (Ch) can run 1m in 9 minutes. Assume further that her chances in life (Ch/Ch) are a direct lineal function of the continued presence of the smug little puke (SLP) seated next to her. Posit that the (SLP) sitting next to her can be stated as a direct zeta function of vehicle velocity. A linear function of his velocity and IQ obviously collapses to zero, thereby proving that the critical line function that can be extrapolated for Chelsea's future also becomes zero, unless her critical line is modified to exclude (SLP).

    hence (SLP)[Ch/Ch) = 0}

    Ch[s] = 1/2(0)/(0) =1/2, multiplied by the Dirichlet eta function, (alternate zeta function)

    yields a time/distance of 4.5 minutes per mile, and the correct distance traveled in one hour for a vehicle, assuming 80mph is effectively doubled (i.e. 160 miles), along with her chances to have a decent life, assuming she gets rid of (SLP)

    1. Harvey...please feel free to check my math

    2. You guys make me smile.

      Springeraz, you think SLP went too far in taking a video and posting it, huh?

      I guess I wouldn't want any significant other of mine posting my brain lapse on the internet.

      But I did find her amusing.

      I have tutored math for years and years, and am often surprised by the complexity people like to...interject... into problems. :)

  4. Mostly I just thought the guy was a total jerk for mocking her like that.

    1. I guess I'm kinda numb to jerks.

      I see that now.

      Sweet of you to be protective of her. That's why I like you guys around here. :)

      Thanks :)

    2. I have conversations with my wife like that too. And yes, I can be smug or what have you. But I wouldn't video it and put it on YouTube. That's just messed up.

      Still, it was funny.