Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Barack Baratheon

This all seems so familiar…

Hmmm… Questionable parentage, disreputable mother, neglected by his assumed-father who then died while he was young, has a half-brother who lives in utter poverty…

He would LOVE to build a giant wall blocking access from the North (and has no intention of building one across the South) – provided “North” means “Alaska”, and that Sarah Targaryen is prevented from flying (dragons/planes/whatever).

He behaves like a tyrant, ignoring laws at will, free to abuse whomever he chooses, and to loot the Treasury while lavishing gifts upon his friends.  Speaking of said Treasury, it is filled not with gold, but with promissory notes – a vast bulk of which are held by our enemies.

He is taxing us to death, and arming – physically arming – domestic bureaucracies whose only possible opponent would be the general citizenry.

He’s surrounded himself with untoward characters demonstrably loyal only to him and not to our country. He is advised by a small council of aberrants and deviants who adhere to radical and repugnant philosophies, and counts terrorists among his friends and protectors.

We’ve seen this all before, albeit with better actors, wardrobes, and background music. It is a big hit on HBO. But nevertheless, one might be forgiven for referring to the entirety of the series as “Wag the Dog 2”.

Fortunately for the rest of us, the ratings on the “real” version are plummeting.


  1. Hi Hunter! Two posts in a week!

    We've missed you :)

    1. Thanks! Both posts have been a bit on the light side, but I felt I had to get something out. Don't want you to feel neglected!

  2. The Obama administration can't be Wag the Dog 2. I know for a fact that there is no war in Albania; I don't know how these rumors get started.