Thursday, July 4, 2013

Watch Out for Drones, Buddy

(Photo source: Doug Ross @ Journal)
Just over a year ago, Mohamed Morsi was elected President of Egypt with nearly 52 percent of the vote. Following massive protests and calls for his resignation, he has been ousted. "Get oust!" I believe was the exact quote.

I'm not saying that pitchforks and torches are the way to go in the U.S. Save for a few, including our own, revolutions rarely end well – but one who blatantly disregards not only the law, but the rights and the will of a free people should not be rewarded with a rich retirement funded by speaking engagements.

Sadly, though, I suspect that is exactly what will happen. This administration has a much better PR department than Morsi; namely, the mainstream mass media and the number of government dependents increasing more sharply than a graph line in a climate change alarmist's wet dream.

Springeraz writes that history will remember President Obama as "possibly the worst threat that this country ever encountered." Our only hope is that the right people, the winners, get to write the history books.

Happy Independence Day.

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