Monday, July 29, 2013

When Feminism Goes Wrong

This is part 3 of my infinite part series on how I hate feminism.  We all want equality, but some things are kinda stupid.

Also, for some bonus fun go into the youtube comments section and read some of the real vile hateful things that have been said about me.


  1. "They're not allowed to do with their bodies as they choose"...

    My stance: Yes. They are allowed to do with their bodies as they choose. They can choose to have sex or not have sex. If they choose to have sex, they are responsible for any and all results of that choice. They should not be allowed to somehow avoid the results of the choice they made. (especially at the horrific expense of human life!)

    In the terrible instances when they're not allowed to do with their bodies as they choose (i.e. rape or incest) I believe a woman should be allowed to make a choice. Hopefully with a lot of support from loving friends she can choose life even when it is so difficult. I have great respect for women who do that. My goodness. What a noble and wonderful sacrifice. Pregnancy is no picnic. These are selfless heros who should be honored.

    Women who think they can kill children because they are inconvenient...have no business being called "women" at all. Maybe we should call them "womyn" or something.

    Sorry. Feeling a bit passionate this morning.

    Awesome video, walkingdead. :)

  2. This is too good to be hidden down here in this blog. Someone please forward this to the Instapundit!