Thursday, August 15, 2013

*Bonus* Frank the Punchline - Same Coin

I think Frank J. inadvertently wrote a straight line yesterday, too.

I did??? Woo HOO!!!!

(Watch out, Harvey, he may be after your job.:) My favorite responses to his line:

What advice would you put on money?

#5 rodney dill: rotate your tires.

#4 hwuu: “Need a penny… Get a job”

#3 Jeff in South DakotaI can’t buy happiness but I can make misery tolerable.

#2 Frank J.:  Stop whining.

And my favorite Frank line of the day was from Oppo:

What advice would you put on money?

On Front: “Freedom”
On Back: “Responsibility”

Two sides of the same coin.

Surprise Sugar Kisses Cookies to Oppo
oh, and Frank J.!
(I'm sure Frank J.'s pretty surprised :)


  1. Thanks... "Rotate Your Tires" comes from deteriorata, of course.

    1. The best line here is your caption to Frnak's picture. It made me chuckle. Bacon to you, Anonymiss!