Friday, August 23, 2013

Bored Fusion 8: What Do You Get?

When you cross several rolls of coins...

With a bored engineer?

What would you call that?


  1. Sometimes coining a phrase is harder than it looks. It does look a bit like the Lincoln Tunnel, but built on a Michael Bloomberg scale. I got nuttin, just thought I'd add my two cents and leave before things spiraled out of control.

  2. As the IRS picks away at it: "The De-cent of Man."

  3. Any chance we could see a link to the back story of how this was done? Are they glued? Microwaved? Was DSotM playing in the background?

    1. Hahaha not sure...but you can go here for a bit more information:

  4. Did I say "Coin-spiralcy" theory? I should have said that first....

  5. It's the only evidence of economic growth since Obama started his laser like focus.

    It's like a Sharknado, but it's Chubby Checker in your piggy bank.

    It's what the two thousand mid-level managers at a government engineering office get when they give a penny for the thoughts of the engineer.