Monday, August 19, 2013

Stolen Valor

Here's Mr. Braulio Castillo, private contractor for the IRS, beneficiary of the disabled veteran setaside program due to an injury he sustained in the "service of his country", which the VA, based on his statements, has rated at 30%.  In the course of some 30 years since his injury, he has used his disabled veteran status to secure over $500 million in federal contracts.

Only one small problem.  He was never in the military.  His injury was a twisted ankle he suffered while playing football in prep school. 

He is a fake, a poser.  At no time did he ever wear a uniform in any branch of this country's military, nor at any time did he ever pick up a weapon to defend this country.  Never having served in this country's military confers no dishonor whatsoever, taken by itself. 

Knowingly misrepresenting yourself in that regard, claiming injury, and making millions as a consequence, is a different matter. 

The Veteran's Administration has always struggled under a huge caseload of actual veterans who were injured in the service of this country, and some of them wait months, stretching into years, to receive the help they need.  Part of the reason for the length of time this process takes has always been due to the delays caused by the actions of people like Mr. Castillo.

On the day this video was made,  Mr. Castillo was testifying before an open congressional hearing about government fraud, and had the bad luck to find himself face to face with Rep. Tammy Duckworth, (D-Ill), who, in Iraq in 2004, lost both her legs, and the use of her right arm. She made it clear that Mr. Castillo's fraudulent status with the VA was a dishonorable, shameful thing.

In very clear, eloquent terms, she expresses, on behalf of millions of us, the things that any of us would be glad to have the opportunity to say to this man, and others like him, given the chance. And there are lots of people like him out there (see Stolen Valor)
 Sadly, as bad as it is, what this man has done for the last 30 years pales by comparison with the level of mendacity coming from our president the last five years.  But that's another rant for another day.  Possibly tomorrow.  Or maybe later today.  I'll see how I feel after taking a nap.      

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  1. Finally a prog who I could get behind just through her way of ripping this scum bag a new one.He is the lowest of the low and deserves to be tarred,feathered and rode out of this country on a rail.