Saturday, August 31, 2013

Three Kinds of Clowns

There are three basic kinds of clowns in the world....

Harvey's got a great piece up at IMAO about one particular kind, rodeo clowns.  (here).  Liberals were so busy trying to make a race issue out of the recent deal in Missouri that they totally missed the outrageous irony in it, that when Obama takes exception at being portrayed as a rodeo clown, it's a little like some artless hack with a stolen guitar getting upset at being confused with Jimi Hendrix.  It's kind of like watching Nurse Ratchett get mad if someone were to confuse her with Mother Teresa.  (Make up your own if you like, I can arrange some cookies for the best one)
Rodeo clowns are in a class by themselves, and every one of them must be completely insulted by all this.  And a little amused maybe.  Those guys have my total respect.  They take their job seriously, and they have the full respect of everyone around them.  They know how to do their job, they do it at great personal risk to themselves in order to protect riders, and they don't do it "from behind".  To do their job, they have to actually get in front of the bull.  Whenever a rider is down, they don't choose that moment to run off and play golf.  They aren't known to eat dogs, they hold their own umbrellas, and they like girls to boot.  The worst rodeo clown that ever lived, on his worst day, never did anything that made a laughingstock of himself and his entire country.  

The second kind of clown includes almost every other clown in the world.  They're all pretty good at entertaining people, and they don't do anybody any harm.  They often adopt personas that are intended to enhance their performance, such as "JoJo the Hobo".

The third kind of clown is a group that has exactly one member.

The third kind of clown would be the one that  ends up wrecking everything around him, all the while convinced of his own greatness.  He's unwilling and unable to confront the harm he causes, and leaves it to his audience to deal with it all later.  Obama's persona seems to be "Obozo the Leader of the Free World".  Most clown personas are harmless and amusing.  Obama's, not so much.


  1. A St. Bernard foaming at the mouth because it was confused with St. Peter :)

  2. I would argue there are many more than one in the last group - a herd of cattle with the big-D brand.

  3. A malaria mosquito taking umbrage at being called a butterfly.

  4. A peanut particle in an elephant turd enraged at being portrayed as a Fifth Avenue candy bar.