Sunday, August 25, 2013

We're The Miracles

Every human being that was ever born is a miracle.

All that's needed for that miracle to unfold is for that human being to be loved and respected, and to be allowed the freedom to find his or her own path.

Mistakes and harmful choices will always be made along the way, but it's part of a natural process by which we learn and grow.  We have to learn to love and respect ourselves before we can extend that to others.

The human spirit can be damaged.  It can be denied and suppressed, but it cannot be destroyed.  This is something that has never been understood by tyrants, socialists, and others who believe they have the right to direct the lives of others.

They claim they alone are possessed of a vision that will lead to a better life for those they seek to control, if we will but submit to their greater wisdom.    

They believe only in themselves and their right to power, and they sooner or later come to believe their own lies.

They are motivated only by a lust for that power, and they believe they have the right to use human beings to achieve that goal.  They correctly see the natural human right to freedom as an obstacle to those goals, and all their efforts are directed to the suppression of the human spirit into a state of submission, by any means necessary.  Their efforts, if we allow them to succeed, will transform this vast human experience into a ghost of it's former self.  This has happened many times in history, always with the same squalid result.

The people who would do this don't understand the power of the human spirit.  They don't understand America, because they don't understand miracles.  They don't understand miracles because they never knew that, at least when they were born, they were one.  Whatever might have caused them not to know that, the evil that replaced it is being visited on us all.  

The people in the pictures, to me, represent examples of people who were allowed to experience their own lives on their own terms.

From the day they were born, to the place where they find themselves now, and everything that happened in between, good and bad, they understand as part of a vast miracle.

That's what they're smiling about, and because of the failure to comprehend any of this by the people who seek to change it, that's what is at risk today.


  1. Awesome! and oh so true.

  2. Beautiful. You made me think of a pic: