Friday, September 13, 2013

Bored Fusion 17: Don't Throw 'Em Out Yet

Before you get rid of this summer's kiddie pools...

What do you get when cross three pools,

and a 55 gallon plastic drum

with a hot and thirsty engineer?

What would you call that?


  1. Where did the ice come frome, why didn't you list that among our assets in the first place?

    1. :) I'm sorry. The guy who brought it was wearing a holocaust cloak and I didn't even see him...

  2. How about a three-dimensional (ice) chest set.

  3. ... Fountainblue.

    ... the Hauls of Tri-Pool-i.

  4. Up until the moment I read "thirsty engineer", I would have sworn you were going to say something about Aquaponics! I use blue kiddie pools and barrels for precisely that.

    I should have known better - there really isn't anything funny about Aquaponics (although there might be about my obsession over the subject).

    Obviously I'm bringing my biases to the table...