Saturday, September 14, 2013

Skunked, Punked, Debunked

Thanks to Mr. Obama's complete failure to defend this country's interests in the Middle East, we are now, for the first time ever, in a subordinate position to the whims of Russia.  Mr. Obama stands exposed as the clueless amateur that he is.  

Putin has written a second op-ed, published by no less than the New York Times, openly mocking Obama and America.  Our President bought this ridicule, he owns it, and he has nothing to offer in return.  America deserves better.

These pictures may help clear up how it is that our country suddenly finds itself on the short end of the stick.

Russian charge of this match, also in charge of Russia.  Lately, also in charge of who does what in Middle East.
Commander In Chief, in charge of all United States military forces, also responsible for protecting American interests in Middle East.
Any questions?

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