Friday, September 13, 2013

Them One, Us None...

Yesterday, 9/12, Charles Krauthammer wrote an excellent opinion piece in the Washington Post, "The fruits of epic incompetence".  You can see it here.  Putin appears to have carried the day with his Syrian gambit, on the heels of Kerry's face plant that  gave Putin a perfect opportunity to move to ask Syria to turn over their WMD stockpile to UN control.  Syria jumped on it, but on the absurd condition that the US forswear any military action against them now, or ever.  Nothing like that has ever been seen before.

Obama's indecipherable foreign policy goals change from one development to the next.  He has no grasp of international gamesmanship, no apparent concern for our image or credibility, and beyond protecting his own self esteem, seems totally uninterested in any of it.  His dithering has handed the ball to Putin, who can of course be counted on to protect Russia's interests in the matter.

The left is quick to complain that any discussion about Obama's incompetence is simply a gratuitous, racially based attack, and should be ignored.  It isn't possible to discuss what is happening if we are too squeamish to examine the root cause of it.  

We have allowed PC and affirmative action to replace any serious assessment of the requirements for leadership, and in the mess that is America's treatment of Syria, we are seeing the real world consequences.  If you saw the need for a serious guard dog to protect your family and your property, you wouldn't choose one based on fluffiness, or friendliness, or what color it is.  You would attach some significance to whether the dog had the instincts and the characteristics to do the job.

Martin Luther King's hope for a world where we are judged "…not by the color of our skin but by the content of our character" has been inverted by the left to mean something like, "failing to support Mr. Obama is racist and unfair, and therefore we must suppress talk of things like 'qualifications' ".

In a world filled with danger and hostile intent, we picked someone to lead our nation on the basis of race.

Mr. Obama was elected on the basis of wishful thinking and political correctness, aided by his vaporous statements about hope and change, not on the basis of whether he was qualified to actually do the job.  This is not how responsible adults do things.  As a consequence we have surrendered our hard won hegemony in the Middle East to Russia.  There was no other way this could have played out.   
Putin calls the tune.....
....Obama dances,
and John Kerry does what he can....

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