Friday, September 27, 2013

Whole 'Nuther Way To Get To The Deer Lease

Ever feel like just throwing it all in the corner and getting up in the mountains somewhere?  Don't feel like driving in traffic?  The people at Terrafugia, Inc. have got the answer. The whole idea of "off-roading" suddenly has a whole new meaning.

They've been promising us flying cars now since at least 1950 or so.  After sixty some years, some of us still refuse to let it go.

Now the folks at Terrafugia are saying they will have their newest concept, the TFX, (see video) in production in 2015.  All I have to do is hang on for two more years.   I told them to let me know when it's available in a 4WD pickup model.  With a gun rack.  And photon torpedoes.

If you're sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on your way to work someday, and you see one of these things flying the other direction at 5,000 feet, it's just me, on the way to the deer lease.   Maybe another idea that's even better would be, if I don't feel like going hunting/camping, but I have to get away from things that mess with me for a few days, I could just fly it to anyplace where nobody's heard of Obama.

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