Friday, October 25, 2013

I Know You Think I'm Crazy...

You may say Zumba is not really your thing...

But the voice in your head says differently.

Or, the voice in your phone, rather.

The woman you trust to keep your calendar, give you directions and do searches for you is a devout Zumba lover.

So if you think I'm just outta my mind and you need another opinion...

Pick up your phone and ask, "Siri, should I do Zumba?"

I DARE you.


  1. I did it - got no response - then it hit me, I own an IPhone 4! Am I an idiot? Yesirree Bob!

    1. Silly :)

      Actually, I have a droid. I'd love to hear how Siri would answer :)

  2. Well, I don't have some girly phone, I have a ManPhone.

    So I asked my ManPhone voice - that would be "Sir" - if I should do Zumba.

    He laughed, punched me in the gut, and tore up my Man Card.

    1. Ah. So *that's* what happened to your Man Card.