Saturday, October 26, 2013

All Democrats Are High School Girls

So before I get into the body of this. I don't know if this is a cry for help or not, but I'm currently sitting in my basement drinking strait bourbon whiskey in my underwear (you're welcome for the visual) and listening to a mix of Chuck Ragan and Ann Coulter audio books.

Now that we got that out of the way.

I'm sure you've been very concerned about my absence, and to be truthful I'm not doing this now to announce any grand plan for coming back on a regular scheduled basis, I just have seen how Anonymiss has been caring more than her “fair share” of the burden and since I'm not really a liberal or anything I thought I would (of my own volition) pitch in a bit.

Oh man are you still reading? Does anyone here still remember me? I used to be something around here. People used to sing my praises, Ok thats enough self pity/aggrandizement for one post on to the real thing now.

Over the last several months/years/decades I've noticed one thing about the democrat party and their supporters. They are nothing more than high school girls. All of them, every last one.

“But Walkingdead, is it fair to give such a blanket statement about all high school girls? Isn't that damaging to their ego's?”

two things, #1 yes it is fair, and #2 never start out a sentence with the word but.

“That's ok, you really cant judge me for making grammatical errors, Keln is still backlogged with all of yours from the 20-12 primary’s”.

Good point, and shut up I hate you.

So where was I? Oh yeah.

One of the best examples of the high school girl mentality of democrats is Chris Mathews. I'm pretty sure I've written about him extensively, and if I haven't that's because he's insignificant. Recently he made the remark that republicans may still think that black people are “3/5ths a person”. This is stupid for a few reasons. The first is the obvious (to anyone who isn't a complete jack hole) that the 3/5ths rule actually was one of the things that led to the end of slavery. The other is that this is nothing more than rumor mongering. I address some of this in a video I made, you don't have to watch it. It was actually quite bad since I was pressed for time.

See the whole plan by the democrats is to repeat a lie until its true, regardless (or irregardless depending on your colloquial preference) of if its actually true or not.

B-T-Dubs its Totes not true.

Outside of a crazy here or there no one has been able to prove that the republicans, or the tea party republicans are any more racist than the democrats.

Side note, when I say democrats I totally mean current democrats cuz we all know that pre 1950 democrats were ALL carrying the torch for jim crow, and other like minded federal and state laws.

For those of you who actually remember me you should know that race baiting (and even gender baiting) are issues that I hold dear to my heart. They bother me like none other. If you could promise me that race baiting would end but we would still have Obamacare, I'd probably take that deal, cuz you can fix Obamacare. You cant fix Al Sharpton. Believe me I've tried. Had him the the shop twice already.

To be perfectly honest with you, I have no grand point or plan to this. I just wanted to post something to let everyone know I'm still alive, just barley.

So I'll be back to write something soon. I don't know how soon, but soon.


  1. " I'm still alive, just barley."

    But I thought you were drinking bourbon... not beer...

    Is bourbon made from barley, too?

    Nice to see you, wd :)

    (I'm not even gonna bother with the grammar hammer. It'd be too much work :P )

  2. blame all grammatical and spelling errors on the bourbon.

  3. Great to see you!

    I'm eventually going to ask you what "B-T-Dubs its Totes not true" means, but don't tell me yet - I want to try to figure it out!

    (from a fellow drive-by poster)