Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tactical Nuke: Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

• Government Shutdown! Yay! Well, sort of. I mean, most of the government is still "working" and doing whatever it is they do that they consider "critical". I am sure critical things like research on the effect of cowboy poetry on arugula-fed rats is still being funded today, so don't worry.

  But they did shutdown NASA, so it balances out.

• Obamacare day! Yay! Hurry up, go sign up for the national register. What was that? You said the site is down? Humm...wonder what that's all about. Well no worries, Obama just said we should expect "glitches".

  Really dude? Glitches. More like, nobody can use it. If anyone needed further proof that government cannot handle something as important as our healthcare, their own site crashing on day one is all you need to know.

• I like to read British news sites a lot, mostly for a laugh wot wot! Well, today has been a riot, reading all the comments from Brits discussing our government shutdown (which almost to a person they are incredibly ignorant about...forgivable of course), and Obamacare.

  Top comments include things such as "how can these Americans not want free healthcare", etc. Again, ignorance. But the irony here is that almost every day I see a Brit news story about some really fat person getting a gastric bypass on the tax payers' dime (or quid or whatever), or some young "lady" getting breasts implants, again paid for by their NHS, but their own dear mum or dad not being able to get cancer treatment or an important surgery.

  Oh the outrage! That is, in fact, my dear British fellows, why we Americans don't want such a system. It's always gamed by the undeserving to the detriment of those who do actually deserve it. Just like all social programmes. I spelled programs British-like for the Yankee Spelling imapired. Cheerio!

• A man has become the first person to get a robot leg that he controls with his brain. Finally, we are on course to build real cyborgs.

  We need to further test this for military healthcare applications. I am sure by the time we can build the six million dollar man, amputees will finally have been able to get setup on the Obamacare website. I'm thinking of a 2030-2035 time frame.

• Carry on.

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