Monday, November 4, 2013

"Fear Of God"? Really?

UPDATE:  Ken Cuccinelli says "McAuliffe is scared to death Obamacare is sinking his campaign".  That's all I need to know about McAuliffe.  The rest of us are scared to death it's sinking the entire country.

Tomorrow, Nov 5, Virginia will hold an election that will decide who will be Governor. Polls show that Ken Cuccinelli, Republican candidate, has pulled within 2 points of Terry McAuliffe, With two days to go before the election, President Obama spoke at a rally in Arlington Sunday, where, in response to Cuccinelli's growing momentum, he said the following:

"…nothing makes me more nervous than when my supporters start feeling too confident, so I want to put the fear of God in all of you…"

This is not to be taken literally, of course, but even so, it displays an astonishing lack of self awareness on Mr. Obama's part.

Mr. Obama thinks far too highly of himself to allow any actual "fear of God" to intrude between him and his followers.

But then, he was speaking metaphorically. Fear of his wrath, and fear of government as authoritarian weapon, are what he expects. He views the literal fear of God as an antiquated, redundant distraction, as an obstacle and an affront to his ascendancy.

He understands his role as Pharaoh to mean that if you are not with him in his Utopian transformation of the country, you are his enemy. He views fully half the people in this country in this light. He sees American ideals and traditions not as something to respect and to foster, but as an impediment to his goals.

In time, God willing, there will be an end to his presence in the oval office, and Americans will hopefully be able to set about repairing the damage he and his fellow travelers have inflicted. The magnitude of this task is made greater by the effects of his constant efforts to divide us, and to capitalize on the gullibility of those who continue to support him.

Any actual "fear of God" implies a level of humility that would allow people to understand that they are part of something greater and of more lasting importance than themselves. Mr. Obama has shown since the beginning that he is not capable of this. The magnitude of the wreckage our children will have to confront would be far less if he had even a remote understanding of the "fear of God".    

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