Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yeah. Like That's Gonna Happen...

Stop everything!   Alec Baldwin threatened to quit show business… the headline this morning on Breitbart said:

"Alec Baldwin Threatens To Quit Showbiz After Anti-Gay Tirade"

My only reaction to this latest tantrum from him is this:  "Cool. See ya"…

The headline I was hoping for would have said:

"President Obama Threatens To Quit Politics After _______________"

Fill in the blank with whatever you got, here's a couple of ways I might finish his thought…

…After suddenly realizing he has no idea what he is doing.

…After Pelosi and Reid called him and both said they decided Obamacare was the stupidest thing they ever heard of.

…After Valerie Jarrett ordered him to.


  1. ...his radical agenda comes to light.

    ...after a seventeen month ObamaCare victory tour around the globe.

    ...he wasn't granted a mulligan.

  2. ... his presidency (I know, major letdown).

  3. ... he dies, and not one minute before.