Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Public Relations Nightmare

Breitbart:  "Sebelius has issued a request for proposals from major public relations firms intended to help HHS with their image problem.

Actually it's a modified request.  The first RFP they sent out was entitled "Help HHS Not Appear Ignorant, Unaware, and Not Look Like Tyrannical, Fantasy-Driven unAmerican Bozos", but they had to rewrite it because nobody responded.  Industry insiders said the request was "simply not doable".

The second RFP, entitled "Help HHS Not Appear Ignorant and Unaware", has also not received a single response. 

If nothing happens by Friday, they'll pull this one back and issue one last request, entitled "Help HHS Not Appear".

Maybe if they keep making the project requirements more reasonable, they'll finally get a response.

Also, maybe if they spent a little time working on "how to not BE ignorant and unaware" they wouldn't have to worry about "how to not APPEAR ignorant and unaware".


  1. Distribute NSA lapel pins to everyone, then have them point at the pin, nod knowingly, and say "We know..." to every query. That will be $2.3 million, please.

  2. The problem is not public relations, the law is simply non-functional even if they get the web site to stay on line, it will only expose more horrors.

  3. Is there even one government entity that isn't a total joke nowadays?

    Fred | O'Malley Hansen Communications