Monday, December 23, 2013

Ducks, The First Amendment... My Two Cents

This Duck Dynasty issue has been pretty well thrashed, but I decided to throw my two cents in, just for the record.

It's obvious that A&E walked off a cliff with this one.  Liberals confuse their fantasy beliefs with reality, and apparently feel if the rest of us don't agree, they have the right to use any means necessary to force us to comply.

Phil Robertson, like most of rest of us, has a different point of view.  Liberals constant use of the weapon that is Political Correctness failed them this time.  Who knows, maybe one of these times, they'll actually learn something.   

Like most of the rest of the people in the country, I stand with the Robertson clan about this, not only because I agree with the point he was making, but more importantly, about his right to make the point in the first place.  

My wife and I also agree with the Robertsons about the general matter of ducks.  They're God's creatures, they're beautiful, and they're yummy.

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