Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Of SOTU Speeches And Methane Clouds

Earlier this morning, Basil at IMAO posted an article about some cows that managed to burn down their barn somewhere in Germany.  Apparently flatulent cows release enough methane to make something like that happen.  His take on it was interesting, go check it out, but something else occured to me just now.

I posted something yesterday about the State of The Union address that Obama will give tonight.  And yes, I know I said I wouldn't have any more to say about it, but what occured to me is that there is a connection to be made between Obama's speeches and cow flatulence, and Obama suffers in the comparison.
Obama has proven many times that he can't speak articulately without a teleprompter.  A teleprompter allows him to sound like an orator, but the words are those of other people.  I don't see a real distinction between reading something someone else wrote off a teleprompter, and lip-syncing.  Besides, nobody  puts any faith in it, including his political allies.  By now, it's understood by just about everyone that anything he says, teleprompter or not, is simply for political effect. 

The difference is that a cow generating methane is a totally natural process. They're honest about it, they mean it, there's no doublespeak going on, and there isn't some agenda that they're trying to sneak past you.  It isn't political kabuki, and they don't need a teleprompter.  It was the cow's idea, and you can believe that it was exactly what he meant to do.  It might insult your nose, but not your intelligence.    

Also, if cows create enough methane to actually burn down the place, we're only going to have to rebuild a barn, not an entire nation.  They're the only ones at risk.  No cow ever destroyed something like an entire city, like say, Detroit.  Okay, there was that one cow that started the fire that burned down Chicago, but that happened because he kicked over a bucket of hot coals or something.  We're talking about methane here.

It's a good idea to keep an eye on people who have an ulterior agenda, but I won't be listening to Mr. Obama tonight.  Instead, in the interest of peace of mind, my wife and I will get in the car and go to a dairy farm a few miles south of us, and listen to the cows fart. 


  1. At least the Cows serve a purpose....We eat them. Obama, on the other hand, serves no useful purpose that I have seen as of yet.

  2. Obama doesn't emit cow farts so much as he does bullsh*t.

  3. Perhaps someone should erect a bronze statue of Mrs. O'Leary's Cow for the old girl's valiant attempt to eliminate Chicago and Chicago Politics in its formative years.

  4. Bovine farts explode your parts, but words can never hurt you...unless they are used to establish and promote some progressive/dystopian regimes such as those that destroyed Detroit, allowed New Orleans to be inundated, or unleashed the corruptocrats on poor Chicago.