Monday, February 3, 2014


Now that more and more people are realizing that freedom and liberty are the only true ways a nation can be run. I've found myself fielding questions about how we can question authority in an attempt to gain a little bit more liberty.

Well if you are one of these people, I've decided to make a list for you. This way when you are faced with a situation in which you want the free market to work for you, and you don't know how to make it happen.

#1 do not order chicken by the bucket.
For years I just went along with ordering chicken in an appropriately sized bucket relative to the amount of chicken I ordered. Not once did I ever question the fact that nearly every chicken restaurant sells its chicken In some sort of bucket. I refuse to allow myself get painted into a box, or circular drum in this case. From now on I will only buy chicken in a box or a bag, and with your help the market will correct itself.

#2 scream fire in a movie theater
People talk about our constitutional right to free speech all the time. They always give the exception that you cant scream the thing that I said for number two. The thing is, you can. You can scream it all you want and I bet no one will care. How many car alarms have you walked passed while they were going off and you did nothing? How many times have you witnessed drug deals, or someone smoking a joint at a concert and you did nothing? This is much the same, no one will ever care that you screamed fire in a movie theater... but if you exercise this right often enough, eventually there will be a fire, and people will thank you.

#3 take a penny from the trey, but leave 2
It's a well known fact that the government can run charitable works well at all. However there are many charities that opporate at 90% efficiency and above. Nothing screams private sector efficiency like a 100% return. If the government ran the take a penny leave a penny trey each donation would cost the store $32.

Well those are just a few suggestions, make sure you leave yours in the comments section below.


  1. One should exercise the right to confuse the heck out of everybody by yelling "movie" at a crowded fire.

  2. Silly :)

    Hey, walkingdead! Nice to see you. Whatcha been up to?

  3. Don't order anything by the bucket unless it is eaten by the shovel.

  4. I havent been up to much... got a new job... been doing some other things I don't want to put into a public forum... its been good.

  5. Yay for the new job!!

    I'm glad you're doing well. Congratulations. :)

  6. #4 Unattended Orange Cones

    I frequently see orange cones blocking off a lane, or a shortcut through a parking lot, or otherwise preventing travel through a certain area. Look around. If there's nobody there to enforce the cone, and no apparent danger being cordoned off by the cones - ignore them! Polite people may stop and move them; less than polite people may just knock them over with their car bumper. Either way - an orange cone is not a man with a badge and a gun. It's not even a guy in a reflective vest. It's an inanimate object without a will to which you must bend. Drive right through if it makes you happy.

    Stop signs are also optional, provided there's no one around for whom you need to stop and give right of way.

    1. You've never had a cone stuck up under your car. Nothing like burning cone-rubber melted to the exhaust pipes.