Saturday, February 8, 2014

Watch Out Where the Russkis Go

There’s been a lot of criticism of this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia — it’s estimated that two-thirds of the $51 billion Russia spent on the Olympics was lost to corruption. For instance, a 25-mile road from the coast to a resort in the Caucasus cost $9.4 billion, or about $375 million per mile — more than the entire cost of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. It seems that President Putin has been inspired by the policies of our own administration.

And the facilities aren’t so hot, either. Some mainstream media reporters are learning firsthand what their ideal of a largely socialist culture looks like — bugged bathrooms, tap water (if available) the color of, uh, a dark Pilsner, a dearth of little things like shower curtains, light bulbs, electricity, etc.

Oh, and dogs. Lots of stray dogs wandering around, doing...what dogs do.

On a more positive note, the Olympic mascots aren’t quite as creepy as some in past games, yet some journalists are complaining about their rather mediocre swag bags, featuring a disturbing polar bear doll wearing what has been described as “bondage gear.”

It’s too bad they didn’t ask me to design a mascot that truly reflects the atmosphere of the venue. Submitted for your approval:

Pootie-Poot, the Pooch who Saved the Opening Ceremonies

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