Sunday, March 2, 2014

Déjà vu

I hate what Mr. Obama and those who support him are doing to my country. Seriously, what can we do?


  1. You do realize you're talking about a man who has "achieved more and done more to improve the 'lifes' of Americans during his Presidency than anyone else has ever achieved."

    To the re-education camp with you!

    Sincerely, I wish I knew. While we still have the First Amendment, at least we can (more or less) freely do what we already are doing -- keeping the faith, maybe encouraging a few robots to have an independent, sensible thought or two.

  2. i keep asking the same question. i keep coming up empty. i seriously looked into running for the House or Senate. i came to the realization that i could bankrupt myself trying, but i couldn't win.

    i can only vote and hope.

    1. But I can't vote today. I want to do something TODAY.

    2. as do i. but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

      i'm empty. i got nothing but tears. better men than i have tried and failed.

      harvey thinks that as long as we keep speaking out, we ARE doing something. i hope he is right, 'cause i ain't never learned to shut up yet and i'm too old to start now.

  3. You ARE doing something:

    You do it when you blog. You do it when you chat with friends during social events or at church.

    It's your complete silence they want. It's your complete silence you can't give them.

    Always give your yopp.

    1. Harvey, i'm not sure that Dr Seuss is the answer, but my "barbaric yawp" (walt whitman. leaves of grass) is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

      and anti-obama rallies.

  4. Look at the "Unchallenged Entry" in Ukraine. The same thing is going on there that Hitler did in the Sudatenland.

    The same thing Mexico is doing in the southwest.

    The same thing Islam is doing worldwide.