Thursday, March 6, 2014

Nuke the Punchline - Don't Even Need to Ask

I, Anonymiss, found a free moment or two today, and this IMAO post amused me, so I decided to judge it. (Harvey? Who's Harvey? :)

New York’s Mayor de Blasio is pushing the NYPD to be more polite. Other NYPD “improvements”…

#5 artvol11 :…to “spread the wealth” officers must now stop and frisk 2 white ppl for every minority they do it to

#4 FormerHostage: ...Officers must say “Excuse me” before opening fire on unarmed suspects

#3 Dohtimes:. …30 day wait for taking broom or mop handles out of closets.

#2 Bob B.: …muggers will be encouraged to leave their victims with $20 for cab fare to the nearest ER.

And my favorite straight line of the day was from Oppo: 

New York’s Mayor de Blasio is pushing the NYPD to be more polite. Other NYPD “improvements”…Now mandatory to call out number of shots fired so unlucky punks have same chance as lucky punks.

 Cookies to Oppo!

Here's a new line for you to try:

Senator Ted Cruz told the CPAC audience, "We need to abolish the IRS." Other things we need to abolish...


  1. ... whatever RINO that clinches the GOP nomination in 2016 instead of Cruz, and ends up losing to Hillary.

    1. Yes.

      We must be positive. We have to have hope! :)

  2. ... the I.R.ish. Ha, Jimmy!

  3. all celebrity "expert" testimony on any subject other than the one they are qualified for - how to be an insufferable ass.

    1. Watch your language, Bob B. ! I have sensitive eyes :P

    2. 'Tis a perfectly biblical word, but I will accept thy chastisement nonetheless. Sorry, m'lady!

    3. Aww :) Thanks for your apology.