Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We Don't Require Much

The people in Wisconsin are known to be...well...opinionated. They like their Packers, their brats and their beer. If they have those things, preferably in combination, they are happy.

I don't like any of those things. Around here that's akin to treason. But there is one thing on which we *do* agree:



  1. Funny how perspectives differ - here in California, 40 degrees is cause for great angst and much layering of clothing. As a son of ex-pats from New London and Sheboygan, I would say that people of Wisconsin are mostly tolerant and giving, but I'd keep your preferences quiet, just the same...

    1. Depends on where you are in California. But, yeah, in the coastal regions, SD to SF, anything outside the range of 60-80 F. is cause for much comment. I remember a summer in SD when the temperature slmost hit 90, with no humidity. The TV news had it as a killer heatwave.

      And why do thy like brats so much in WI? I hate brats. As far as I'm concerned, everybody's kids but mine are brats, and I'm always so sure about mine. :)

  2. clearly you have never been to Minnesota.