Monday, April 21, 2014

Like I needed another headache...

I encourage you all to take just a moment or two to step away from politics, take a deep breath, and contemplate the awe-inspiring, persistent, inescapable weirdness that is our Universe. Of course, since "contemplating the Universe" not only sounds WAY TOO HIPPIE, but is also mathematically impossible, I offer by way of substitute this interesting comparison between some Earthly features with those on Mars.

I'm making no claims behind the significance, if any, behind a perceived relationship, if any.

I'm not promoting any sort of "UFO-ism".

While I'll admit to being a Douglas Adams fan, I'm not in fact suggesting there's any "Magrathea"-ish connection between the two planets' histories.

No, I'm just here to emstrangen your day - because that's me... the giver!

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  1. Are you saying the Rockies look like they are ripped out of the Valles Marineris?

    The biggest problem here is scale: Both planets are misshapen, as though they are viewed through fish-eye lenses There is no way of telling whether the land masses are the same size from this picture or whether the sizes are wildly different.

    Another big problem is that the orientation is different on both planets - the Rockies run North/South, the Valles Marineris East/West. If one was derived from the other, the spin of the planets shouldn't be so radically different.

    I'm not going to say it's impossible. With God, all things are possible. But it seems unlikely.

  2. Good guesses, very good in fact, but no that's not what I think this picture suggests. I'm not saying the Rockies came from Mars (although that would be pretty cool). I think this could be considered as evidence (barely - hardly qualifies as evidence, but bear with me) that similar events leave similar tell-tale structures behind.

    I think the nebular hypothesis of planetary formation is hogwash, and instead find it far more likely that all solid bodies in the universe are essentially giant fulgurites. IF true, we should find evidence pointing to this, and arguably we do. Pretty convincing arguments, if you ask me, and far more persuasive than this mere picture alone.

    If Mars and Earth were both formed in electrical Z-pinches within dusty plasma, then finding similar scarification - even if something of a convex/concave opposite - shouldn't be surprising. It isn't required either, i.e. the theory could be true even if nothing huge on Earth resembled anything huge on Mars... I'm just tickled that it kinda does. And the closer you look, the more similarities you see.

    There are certain people in my life that must now be celebrating that I've apparently come over to the "dark side" on this topic.